About us

Hide & Souk Rugs is based in East London. With a passion for beautiful, eclectic interiors and traditional global crafts, we fell in love with fabulous Moroccan tribal rugs. Celebrating traditional craftsmanship, we aim to bring you the widest selection of authentic berber rugs in the UK. Avoiding cheap copies, we source both vintage and new pieces direct from tribes throughout Morocco and our range is continually being updated. Handmade by artisans, each berber rug is a work of art that displays its maker's individual style and story. From the ever stylish and much-coveted beni ouarains, to intricate woollen Azilal and Ourikas, our woollen pile rugs are timeless and versatile. If you are after more colour, then our wonderfully expressive boucherouite rugs make a real statement in any interior.

Timeless, versatile and collectable – browse our collection of authentic tribal rugs to find the perfect, expressive statement piece for your floor. For more information about any of our beni ouarain, azilal, ourika or boucherouite rugs, please contact us via phone or email. We look forward to helping you find your perfect rug!